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Tarzan and the Valley of Gold - Fritz Leiber (1966)

It has been many years since the appearance of a truly original novel based on the world-famous character TARZAN—first created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Now at last a magnificent tale of adventure, with the racing, thrilling action for which Burroughs was famous, has been created by Hugo Award winner Fritz Leiber, an adventure that is true to the real character of Tarzan, Lord Greystoke—who combined the wild savagery of his jungle background with the proud heritage of hundreds of years of civilization, who could hunt with the cunning patience of an animal and strike with the decisiveness of a man born to command. From the bullring of Mexico to the jungles of Brazil to the haunts of an ancient Incan city—here is a tale to set the heart drumming, the imagination soaring—a superb perpetuation of the legendary figure first conceived in the mind of one of the world's greatest storytellers—Edgar Rice Burroughs.
(from Ballantine Books)

First Published: Ballantine Books 1966.
A very forgettable film of the same title was realeased in 1966, starring Mike Henry as Tarzan.

We opted to take iberties with the original, rather unimaginative, form of the book by adding head chapter illustrations taken from the film stills and processed graphically, as well as three drawings, by Dan Hooper, on the title page, Petar Meseldzija for the frontispiece and John Buschema in the back pages.

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